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Quietude Candles



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Orson means “Bear, Bear Cub, or Bearlike”

Orson is an indispensable work of art that seamlessly combines spherical shapes into an inventive and playful form.

Visually engaging and displaying a fun and inviting design, our Orson Sculptural Candle is the perfect statement piece for any décor setting that bestows a modern feel to any space in your home, whilst effortlessly gives a warm and inviting ambiance when lit.

Orson is designed to burn in a cylindrical core through the centre, leaving the sides to appear illuminated.

Cluster them together in a set of eight with Oscar, Onni, Orion, Orly, Oleen, Oslo and Ollie sculptural candles as part of our Halo Collection or alongside other complementing sculptural designs from our Sculptural Candle Collections to form a modern ensemble on your tablescape.

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